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Team HCR – Hill Climb Racing Insider Program

The Team HCR insider program is meant for those Hill Climb Racing enthusiasts who are making videos, streaming gameplay or producing other fan content for Hill Climb Racing.

Benefits of the Team HCR insider program

– We provide you with insider knowledge about Hill Climb Racing
– Priority news about updates and major changes
– Assets to use in your videos, streams, blogs
– Good videos and fan content will be featured on our website and on our Facebook pages

There are some rules however

  • Fan content only. We love and encourage you to make stuff like gameplay videos, fan pages, online guides and other art inspired by Hill Climb Racing. You cannot use our assets to make new games for example.
  • Non-commercial stuff. Don’t make physical or virtual merchandise or other stuff for sale using our assets. You are allowed to monetize your videos and other fan content with ads, but remember to make sure the ads comply with these rules and also the general laws.
  • Keep the Hill Climb Racing brand clean. Don’t connect the brand with drugs, alcohol, violence, sexually explicit materials, illegal actions or other objectionable stuff.
  • Lets’ do this together. We started this program to make it easier for you to make good content and get it out there to the people.

We reserve the right to decide who’s eligible for the Team HCR program. You will receive written notice via e-mail if you’re accepted in the program.

You can apply here: