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Hill Climb Racing 2 Status

12.4.2017 08:55 (UTC)

The issues with Hill Climb Racing 2 servers have been resolved and the game is fully online again. We’re sorry for the downtime. Thanks for your patience and support!

12.4.2017 06:14 (UTC)

We’re aware of issues on the Hill Climb Racing 2 game servers and are investigating.

24.12.2016 07:00 (UTC)

Due to server issues the leaderboards have been temporarily reset. Please note the data is not lost and the leaderboards will be fully restored after christmas.

15.12.2016 15:47 (UTC)

Hill Climb Racing 2 game servers are back online and the Cups are again available!

During the maintenance break we fixed a major server-side bug which caused loss of rank under specific circumstances. Rest assured if your rank was lost, it has been recovered. We also upgraded the game servers to work better with huge amounts of players.

We apologize for the unscheduled and unexpectedly long maintenance break and any inconvenience caused by it.

If you’re still having issues, please contact and we’ll sort it out.

Thank you for your patience, support and feedback!

14.12.2016 22:48 (UTC)

We’re currently applying fixes on our servers. We are expecting to go live within the next 12 hours.

14.12.2016 15:19 (UTC)

Game servers are currently in maintenance mode as we’re applying server-side updates. That means you’re able to play Adventure mode, but the Cups and Friend modes are not available during maintenance.

13.12.2016 22:36 (UTC)

At 02:20 (UTC) on December 13th we started experiencing performance degradation in our database servers. To players this appeared as lingering “Waiting for players”-dialogs and offline-warnings.

We have identified 2 main issues:

1. A small number of players have been inable to restore IAP -purchases.
2. A few players have lost their game status, including rank and all parameters from their played games.

We have identified the root cause for problem 1. and are in the process of delivering a fix. We are still studying the cause for problem 2, but we will start automatically restoring progress for all players who have experienced loss of game state or purchases.

You may play most features of the game but we may have to perform unscheduled maintenances during the next 48 hours. Thanks for your patience!