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Fingersoft Beta Program

Apply for the Fingersoft Beta Program

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We are constantly developing new exciting games here at Fingersoft. After a certain point in development – to see we are going to the right direction – we really need to get real feedback from you, the players!

For this purpose, we have started the Fingersoft Beta Program. We will select suitable candidates to test our games before they are launched. This is your chance to get your hands on something really cool before it becomes a big thing!

So, use this form to apply for the Fingersoft Beta Program. We will inform you via email if you have been selected for beta testing some of our new games. It might take some weeks or months to get things rolling, so please be patient if you don’t hear from us soon. You should follow our Facebook page at for updates on any Betas we are running.

Please read the terms & especially the NDA carefully. We’re sure you understand the nature of testing a game before it has been launched.

We’re really excited to hear your feedback after you have been selected for testing!

Fingersoft Beta Program Application

Notice! Please provide the email address you use with your Google Play or iTunes account so we can properly add you to the Beta test group if you’re selected.


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