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Fingersoft is in the business of fun. Fun is both our business and our product. It is the main reason why we get up at noon every day and go to work. We take pride in delivering our fans their daily delight and constant surprises. We joke about a lot of things but not about this one: our customers are the priority. We have earned our customers’ trust and are proud of it.

Fingersoft is the company that founder Toni Fingerroos dreamt about as a kid. Long before smart phones and touch screens, a smart kid with a magic touch had a goal. Ever since Toni was a kid he wanted to create his own games. And he did. Ten-year old Toni started his developer’s career with a game called ”Rally 94”. As the kid grew, so did the games.

bestmobileToday Fingersoft is one of the fastest growing startups in Finland. Every successful company has their secret sauce and at Fingersoft it is positive anarchy (spiked with our favorite Single Malt Whisky, of course). Positive anarchy might be the main ingredient in the success story of the Finnish gaming industry but Fingersoft has cooked its very own special blend. It’s the kind of sauce that is brewed in the freeze-your-ass-off cold winter days and so-dark-I-lost-my pants nights of Northern Finland. But you know what they say in Kempele, when the going gets tough, the tough develop hit games.

After building an audience with a series of succesful camera apps, Fingersoft launched its first game. Hill Climb Racing was released in September 2012 for Android followed by iOS. Once released, the physics-based and fun Hill Climb Racing took off like an turbo-charged enduro bike on the surface of the moon. The game topped the charts all over the world from the US to India and quickly grew into a global mobile gaming phenomenon.

The success helped Fingersoft become the company it is today. A company that consists of loose cannons, talented weirdos, sauna-loving, car-tuning and cognac-connoisseuring regular Finnish guys. All good stories need a challenge in them. Fingersoft’s challenge has been the transformation from one man company to a major player without turning into a corporation. Well, you only need to step into the Fingersoft office and you’ll see it immediately. We succeeded.

Fingersoft has years of practical experience in entrepreneurship beyond coding. The in-house talent and business wisdom has helped Fingersoft evolve into an innovative publisher of games like Benji Bananas without losing its originality and developer roots. In essence Fingersoft a fun company for both the customers and the employees. This is the Fingersoft rule of thumb – fun and high quality go together in everything from business to daily routines.

Fingersoft Ltd. reserves all rights to choose like-minded people to do business with.


fing_publisherA publisher is someone you should be able trust with your craziest ideas. A great publishersays: “can you make crazier?” As a publisher Fingersoft is the best partner your game can get.

We follow simple rules. We are forever interested in original ideas and always want to try playable demos. The game has to be fun, addictive and have phenomenal potential in the broadest sense – from fan base potential to creativity in monetization. And we want to see a version in both Android and iOS.

Fingersoft is in it for the long haul. That’s why we are looking for lasting partnerships.

The developers must fit the Fingersoft profile. You can be weird (you know you are), but you have to have ambition. You must stand the test of sauna and booze. You are not afraid of hard work and you know that good things come to those who create.

fing_publisher_2In the end, the process is always the same. We get a playable demo. We drink some Single Malt Whisky. We think, we play, we decide. Everybody wins.

However, we are not aiming to be a full-time publisher, so we will do only few selected titles in a year.

Good things come to those who create.