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Fingersoft Ltd

Game development studio and a publisher located in Oulu, Finland. We have published games like Hill Climb Racing, Benji Bananas and Fail Hard.

Latest Games

Fast Like a Fox

The treasures of the Golden Fox tribe have been mysteriously stolen. You are chosen to return them to their rightful owners.

One of the most fun and fastest platformers ever created with unique tap control! Play now for free!

FRZ: Free Racing Zero

“FRZ: Free Racing Zero” brings high-paced retro racing mayhem back to the world. Pull off insane stylish drifts as you speed your way to the finish line in this addictive, arcade, pick up and play racer!

I Hate Fish

Shoot your way to the top of the food chain and guide Earl the worm through perilous waters filled with enemies to the safety of your homeboat.

Javelin Masters 2

Maybe the most addicting game ever! Start playing now and become the ultimate Javelin Master! The good old Track & Field gameplay has finally been reinvented on touch screen.

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Hill Climb Racing Vehicle Design Competition – Participate Now!

We’re looking for talented Hill Climbers to assist with the design of our next vehicle! Submit the design of your dream vehicle and our team will make it reality. Your votes will determine which vehicle will come to life in the next Hill Climb Racing update.

Participate on the Hill Climb Racing website and be quick, the competition ends February 28th!

Check out the Competition

Javelin Masters 2 update: VS and Zen modes added!

Check out our new cool update for Javelin Masters 2! Now you can compete against other players in VS mode. It has also new Zen mode! You can get the game from here (iOS, Android, Windows phone)

A New World for I Hate Fish Released

Check out the new Sewer update! Have fun challenging your friends in Arcade mode! Download links here.

The radioactive Hill Climb Racing update 1.21 is here!

Update contains a new vehicle and a new level with radioactive hazards and new level mechanics: The Nuclear Plant. Update available for Android and iOS and later for Windows here.

Fail Hard Update Released

Check out the latest updates of our cool physics based stunt game Fail Hard! Download now from here (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1)